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Detergent laundry bars that are made from coconut oil make for great stain removers and have great cleaning properties. It does not have any scent added to it. If you wish to make your own laundry soap, this is the best soap to use in your recipe. Do not use this soap on your skin, it is for laundry only. 

Yes can use for Washing Machine, for washing machine wash recommended to grate or cut into smaller pieces. Ratio we cant advise exactly, but suggest a 1 cup full for 1 full load.

Pro-tip: Great as a lightweight/portable detergent for when you’re traveling and have to do a quick wash in the sink. Because it is solid, it will get through airport customs in a breeze. 


  • Coconut oil
  • Lye
  • Water
  • Lapis Lazuli mineral itself is blue (natural colour from lais lazuli powdered minerals which are non-staining)

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DUSUN offers non-sugar added fresh fruit juices which are  customers’ favourite! Happy to say, most of the juices are concocted through our own in-house effort.

Dusun is now expanding into Plant-Based Food Menu, Vege Vibe Bouquet, Buah Tangan series, Fruit & Vege Box and many other gifting options  (checkout our latest download page).

Dusun resonates with John D. Liu’s quote that  “We are entering a new Age, the age of Nature”

Shan Shan 2020 message “Nature provides us all, love Mother Nature like how you love yourself. Living as vegetarian, yoga practitioner & a meditator has been the best transformation for myself”.

Thanks for reading so far, may the forces be with you 🙏

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