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*Spain* Nectarine : 3pc


White flesh variety.

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Nectarines have a smooth skin, and a shiny red colour on yellow or orange background. The flesh is firm and can have a yellow or white colour depending on the variety. The taste is juicy and fresh and can be sub-acid depending on the variety.

Although there are various theories about the origin of nectarines, the most common implies it is a mutation of the peach. The most important growing areas are Spain, Italy, Greece, California, Chile and South Africa.

The nectarine is a good diet fruit as it hardly contributes with energy (40 Kcal). Its contribution of nutrients are: vitamin B3 and carotene with beneficial properties for skin health, oligoelementos (copper, zinc and fluorine) and minerals (magnesium, potassium and calcium). Nectarine helps digestion and in the intestinal transit.

Recommendations of conservation and consumption:
Nectarine is a climacteric fruit (it ripens after harvest) and we, therefore, recommend to keep the fruit refrigerated and consume it at room temperature. This is very important as you can decide how to eat the fruit, firm and crunchy or soft and juicy. By simply leaving it at room temperature for a while (until it feels slightly soft when you apply pressure on it with your hand), you can reach your preferred maturity level. The fruit is normally eaten as a whole or into pieces skin on.

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