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Ingredients : Avocado, Passionfruit, Banana, Milk Kefir, Honey.

Taste : Yogurty creamy avocado with a refreshing taste of passionfruit & sweetness from banana.

Note : Please keep refrigerated, tempreture fluctuation may result in a burst when opening bottle cap. Slowly twist the cap and allow fizz to escape.

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Benefit : • Kefir’s microspartans probiotic kills off the bad bacteria thus nourishing the colon • Kefir promotes gastrointestinal health which may indirectly restore balance for sufferers of diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies, diarrhea, sleep disorders, depression, controlling acne, hypertension, etc • Avocado is full of fiber, healthy fats and great source of Vitamin E for skin.

DUSUN offers non-sugar added fresh fruit juices which are  customers’ favourite! Happy to say, most of the juices are concocted through our own in-house effort.

Dusun is now expanding into Plant-Based Food Menu, Vege Vibe Bouquet, Buah Tangan series, Fruit & Vege Box and many other gifting options  (checkout our latest download page).

Dusun resonates with John D. Liu’s quote that  “We are entering a new Age, the age of Nature”

Shan Shan 2020 message “Nature provides us all, love Mother Nature like how you love yourself. Living as vegetarian, yoga practitioner & a meditator has been the best transformation for myself”.

Thanks for reading so far, may the forces be with you 🙏

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