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Malaysia Wild Tualang “Dark” Honey (200G – 700G)


Dark Honey has an exotic, bold and robust flavour. Its natural healing properties are potent in defending the body against free radicals onslaught.

Tualang honey are made by Apis Dorsata bee, the world’s LARGEST GIANT HONEY BEE.

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Honey Trivia:

  • Real honey will crystallize, it is a natural phenomenon.
  • Not for infants under 12 months old.
  • Ants are attracted to sweet stuff, honey included.
  • Honey need not be refrigerated.
  • Honey should last for a long time if capped tighly and water does not enter the bottle.
  • Real honey can be thick or thin. Its viscosity is dependent on source of nectar, temperature and environmental.
  • Each batch of ntaural honey should be different in colour tone, taste and viscosity. Just like natural fruits, without human interference, every batch of fruits produces dissimilar characteristics.
  • Honey colour ranges from light yellow to dark brown.

200gm, 700gm

DUSUN offers non-sugar added fresh fruit juices which are  customers’ favourite! Happy to say, most of the juices are concocted through our own in-house effort.

Dusun is now expanding into Plant-Based Food Menu, Vege Vibe Bouquet, Buah Tangan series, Fruit & Vege Box and many other gifting options  (checkout our latest download page).

Dusun resonates with John D. Liu’s quote that  “We are entering a new Age, the age of Nature”

Shan Shan 2020 message “Nature provides us all, love Mother Nature like how you love yourself. Living as vegetarian, yoga practitioner & a meditator has been the best transformation for myself”.

Thanks for reading so far, may the forces be with you 🙏

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