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Indo-China Multi Flora Raw Honey (1kg)


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This honey is not product but a mystic universe!! It contains and encloses the entire nature ; the sun, the flowers, the freshness, youth, euphoria, the pleasure of living, in short a food for the gods, from the remote unpolluted forest in indo-china.

The bee are not fed with sugar and antibiotic-no contamination from toxin pesticides or fertilizers. Completely unrefined and unheated to retain optimum level of enzymes and nutrition.

100% Naturally Raw Honey

Storage Conditions:
Unopen & open jars may be stored at room temperature. eg: kitchen.
Keep jar tightly closed. Away from direct sunlight or excessive heat, keep in cool & dry place.

Natural honey may crystalilise. Place jar in pan of warm water to liquefy.

DUSUN offers non-sugar added fresh fruit juices which are  customers’ favourite! Happy to say, most of the juices are concocted through our own in-house effort.

Dusun is now expanding into Plant-Based Food Menu, Vege Vibe Bouquet, Buah Tangan series, Fruit & Vege Box and many other gifting options  (checkout our latest download page).

Dusun resonates with John D. Liu’s quote that  “We are entering a new Age, the age of Nature”

Shan Shan 2020 message “Nature provides us all, love Mother Nature like how you love yourself. Living as vegetarian, yoga practitioner & a meditator has been the best transformation for myself”.

Thanks for reading so far, may the forces be with you 🙏

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